Monday, 27 February 2012

Protect Digital content before Facebook, UTube and Flickr upload

Are your uploads and blogs important to you ?

Whether you are a frequent or occasional publisher of digital content to the Web , have you considered the consequences of unauthorised use of your content ? The answer we most frequently hear is either “ I never thought of that” or “How do I do that”.

Digital content whether it be text, images, photos, audio files or video files are extremely easy to copy, modify and re-use and therefore are open to abuse. The abuse can be malicious or inadvertent and cause reputational damage and/or financial loss.  Alternatively the published content may  just be personally important to you, your organisation, your family ,friends, members, customers, suppliers and colleagues.

So if you use Social Media such as Facebook, UTube, Flickr, and LinkedIn or publish to Websites, Blogs and Forums, you should consider protecting your content. You want to know if it has been accessed and interfered with and/or re used/republished.

Regardless of security systems, abuse still occurs with published and unpublished digital content. In the event your digital content has been misused you want to have evidence firstly that you own the content and also evidence that it has been tampered with. Ultimately whether it was erroneous or malicious that your important content was used you will require this evidence to persuade the party at fault to take action and correct the issue or you may need that evidence in the worst case to seek legal redress for reputational or financial damages.

Digiprove provides an effective solution to protecting your digital content before you publish

Digiprove provides the evidence to prove you own it, prove you sent it, and prove it has been tampered with in a secure and confidential manner. Digiproves patented “Proof Engine” technology is designed to create the provenance, authenticity & integrity of any type of Digital content without the need to send your content to us, so it always remains confidential to you. A unique digital fingerprint of your digital content is created, it is certified and logged as non repudiable proof of its existence and ownership at a point in time (and location on portable devises with GPS). Your content can be validated on-line or off-line at any time to confirm it provenance and integrity.

You only pay for what you need to protect through simple on-line value for money  subscriptions. But before you buy why don’t you try our free trail you will immediately gain confidence that this simple to use system protects your important digital content. You can use our Selfprotect on-line self-service to protect content and email communications, Autoprotect to automate the whole process as a background task in a matter of minutes or Webprotect if you are a user of Wordpress.

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