Monday, 6 February 2012

Data Protection & Digital Content in HR: How To Draft A Policy

We know that the aim of a data protection policy is to ensure that employees are aware of their own rights, and of their obligations concerning personal data processed by their employer.  The purpose of a data protection act is to enforce compliance from employers to make sure they carry out their obligations to the employee. So, who is a data protection policy for, and what exactly can it do that benefits a HR department?

A data protection policy is not only for the benefit of full time employees. It could be used to protect contract workers, agency staff and other kinds of workers too. In the HR department, it is particularly important that employee data is protected; especially considering it’s the department that all major employment decisions go through. This kind of data requires high security and proof of authenticity.

How do we go about formulating a data protection policy?

A lot goes into designing a data protection policy, but here are a couple of points to get you started. A general data protection policy should:

·         Identify a person within the organization who will have responsibility for ensuring that the employer complies with data protection regulations. This person will usually be a senior figure in the HR department.

·         It should ensure that employees are fully aware of any data held about them, and that they understand how this data could be used and disclosed. It is normal practice that an organization will use personal data like salary and pensions, and this will be held on an electronic device. The depth of this data could go further, for example employers may keep health records for reference.

It is vital that employee data held on organizational systems can be transparent and trustworthy. That’s where Autoprotect comes in as an asset to the HR department in maintaining legitimacy of files, and supporting their data protection policy.

The above are just two points about what a data protection policy should enforce. For further information, make sure to keep your eyes on our blog.

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