Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Digital Transaction & Process integrity (Creating certification & user confidence)

Digital Transaction & Process integrity (Creating certification & user confidence)

Personal & Business people carry out many of their daily functions on-line in this digital age, but how do suppliers of on-line information and services create greater confidence in the user so they can grow their business, create deeper engagement and increase the user confidence to carry out more critical transactions with your on-line service?  The answer is about creating more trust.

In the on-line world, how do we create this trust? The answer lies in ensuring there is a chain of authentic evidence in the process that delivers your service, and that the user of the service can independently verify this chain of evidence with an independent specialist in digital content assurance. OK so what does that mean for the user? On-line users of services are very familiar with the standard security processes and brands, e.g. passwords, user authentication emails, SSL, Norton, Secure payment systems such as Visa, Realex, etc. All these components go to building trust for the user. In addition some service providers go the extra mile and use more complex and expensive certified keys and encryption, though this often comes with an over-head for the user.

How can we improve that user trust & confidence?

There are three key areas that need to be addressed in a simple and cost effective manner:

1.       Source Identity Integrity & Authenticity

a.       Is this person, company or entity, who they represent themselves to be?

2.       Content Provenance & Integrity

a.       Is the content (Digital) the original, un-tampered and as issued?

3.       Verification of Identity & Integrity

a.       Can I confirm with one click 1 & 2 above?

For the supplier of on-line services & information whether they be process based or transaction based, the question is how can I build these characteristics into my software in a simple and cost effective manner?

For the User when using the on-line service, is it obvious and intuitive that any information and service I use on this web-site I can trust, and if I have a concern can I independently verify the provenance, Integrity & Authenticity with one click of the mouse?

How to build in trust and certification to your software?

Digiprove’s patented and certified technology is a unique way to quickly and cost effectively build in a traceable, certified and verifiable set of functionality. By use of one of the Digiprove products or quickly embedding the process using our software developers kit (SDK).

What can be achieved by embedding Digiprove in your solution?

The most important outcome is your on-line service and information is differentiated because it has independently verifiable credentials, enabled by Digiprove.

·         End user customers and embedded partners have independent verification of their identity and can use the ID-V logo on their digital certificates.

·         Each piece of digital content (Text, Image, Audio, Video, Data), can at any stage in the process be quickly certified by the Digiprove “Proof Engine” as an automated task. This creates an audit trail and independently verifiable certificate with the digital fingerprint, date, time and location which is undisputable evidence and proof of authenticity.

·         The ability for a user or receiver of the content to either on or off-line verify the provenance, integrity and authenticity of the digital content as well as the credentials of the originator.

The bottom line is by deploying Digiprove technology any Digital Asset which has a value whether financial, reputational, brand or compliance can have that value protected.

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