Friday, 4 January 2013

2012 Update for DK and 2013 Plan

Hi All, many friends and colleagues have asked me what am I up to over the last year or two? And how is it going? And as many of you know though I am a great fan of social media, However I am not living my life on Facebook but use LinkedIn extensively for business only, so I decided to do this short update and point those that are interested to it.

For most of 2012 I have been working with several starts up’s I have a small equity interest in, I split my time about 70/30 doing 30% pro-bono enterprise development and entrepreneur support as well as writing a book. In 2013 I plan to do more consulting or take a job if I find the right role to reduce the savings burn rate and top up my pension.

The companies I have an interest in:-

Digiprove: - Unique patented technology to secure the integrity of any digital content and provide irrefutable evidence of its integrity at any time on or off line. It has particular value in compliance with eCommerce acts, Digital signing legislation, and regulated industries. It also has high value in eDiscovery and digital evidence protection. Progress has been good with continuous growth in users, revenues, and new application areas

TradersNow:- A spin out from DIT has developed a decision support system based on a neural network processing a range of financial signals we have pre-processed with proprietary algorithms and enabling a statistical advantage to traders of financial instruments. Initial focus is on Foreign exchange trading. The system is now live and in real world testing and beta clients are being engaged. Is likely I will exit this venture in the near future as there is a misalignment between my standards and approach and those of other shareholders. Initially set up to promote best practice in Organisation development and the use of the HOMI model, has been expanded to include new management models developed and entrepreneurship. This is currently a not-for profit venture.

In the past 12 months I have done very little billable advisory work by choice, I have done quite a bit of pro-bono work helping the entrepreneurial community, entrepreneurs and general business development that can lead to jobs. Here are just a few things that kept me busy

·         Coaching and mentoring

o    A Tidal Marine Turbine Start Up in NI

o    An eBusiness start up looking to scale

o    Services ERP start up

·         IBM Smart-Camps mentor & Judge

·         ISA Awards and Preparing applicants for venture funding pitches

·         Socitm – Committee member and facilitating International  knowledge sharing

·         InterTrade – entrepreneurs Master Classes and mentoring

·         EI Business partner – Spin out potential from SFI funded research in the main research clusters across Ireland DERI, Clarity, etc.

Plan for 2013

·         Continue to support the companies I have small investments in

·         Re start an income stream

·         Publish my book “Roadmap for entrepreneurs”

·         Continue to contribute to enterprise development and entrepreneur support

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