Wednesday, 14 December 2011

3 Company Update

Digiprove: Is a content security company focused on Digital Content authentication and integrity, with many applications. It’s a SaaS model and the initial product has 5000 users. We have a beta release of Digiprove Autoprotect (Runs in background, and automatically connects to our “Proof Engine” to certify new or changed content), Digiprove Signature (Enables any electronic signature while maintaining security and compliance) & a Software Development kit. My contribution so far has been to refocus on the B2B segment and enable the technology to be embedded in other software applications and products cheaply and quickly using the SDK. We have integrated with applications in Financial Services, HR , ICT , and have partners now working on applications in ecommerce (merchant services), eDiscovery, DRM and DAM. SDK provided for free and revenues are based on monthly subscription based on volume of “Proof Engine” transactions with attractive revenue share for partners. I am exec chairman of the company.

TradersNow:- Is a spin out from the Dublin Institute of technology and has developed a Trading Algorithm based on Fractals and the work of Global leader in the field of maths and DSP, Dr Jonathan BLackledge who is part of the team. The algorithm can be used in automated trading on the financial markets and gives a significant and scientifically proven advantage on FX currency pair trades (Our beach-head sector). We are just completing R & D and I am defining the B2B and B2C business model with the team so we can build the on-line solution for Q1 launch. I am interested in any introductions to have a friendly chat with trading experts purely to help me further understand the markets (Professional or Private Traders).

Holignment:- On-Line Organisation Maturity Diagnosis and Frameworks (The CMMI of the OD world), has  engaged with Beta partners in Europe & Asia and is working on a small number of  multinational  opportunities. In addition we have been working with IBM and social connections supporting the OD and people side of gaining traction for collaboration platform deployments (Pre Revenue)

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