Monday, 26 September 2011

9 Software & IT Business Papers

The following papers were authored by Declan in the past and published when he was Founder/CEO of Insight Test Services & Sogeti (Capgemini). Papers may be downloaded at this link .
10 Hot Software innovations to Impact Business & Organisations Today
Software QA & Testing - Building World Class Capability
How IT can assist in Economic Recovery
What can business management learn from Agile Development techniques
10 CSF's to extract value from IT suppliers
The influential Test Business Team
Non Functional Testing
User Acceptance Testing "How to make it work"
Structures for Test Organisations "To centralise or Decentralise"
The economic crisis has left Ireland and many other countries in a state of confusion with a constant uncertainty as to what will happen next and what the best steps will be towards recovery. Even with this doubt businesses have been able to identify opportunities through software innovations.
This report highlights the importance innovation has on economic growth for Ireland in the context of an international competitive environment and how Ireland compares. It discusses in detail the benefits that innovation has on economies, businesses and organisations with a main focus on the Top 10 Software Innovations of today.
Declan Kavanagh, CEO of Sogeti, discusses how IT can contribute to economic recovery.
He contends that we must now focus on how, as a small open economy, we can take advantage of the international recovery which will gather pace in 2010.

Introduction to Sogeti Software QA & Test Credentials
There are 140 Sogeti Ireland professionals, of which approximately 60% are in the Software QA & Testing Business Unit. The success of Sogeti Ireland and the Group's test business is underpinned by its ability to provide complete solutions and services relating to software testing across the full Software Procurement and Development Life Cycle (SPDLC). At Sogeti, our people are considered thought leaders globally. In fact, in an increasing number of countries, our TMap® and TPI® open methodologies are the recognised test standard.
Declan Kavanagh, CEO of Sogeti, discusses how business management can learn from the techniques used in Agile development. This paper discusses similarities between traditional software development approaches and established management practices. It goes on to outline how Agile software development is being used to address the shortcomings of established development methodologies.

Based on this premise, the paper explains how the tools and methods used in Agile can be applied to create a flexible management system that is more responsive to the challenging modern environment.

The challenging business environment and market uncertainty are resulting in a sharp focus on cost reduction and value for money throughout all sectors, public and private.
In this white paper, Declan Kavanagh puts forward ten areas of focus that will have the immediate effect of achieving better value from existing and new IT suppliers.

The Influential Test Business Team (Best Paper winner Eurostar 2006)
Declan Kavanagh, CEO of Sogeti, contends that running your test organisation like your own business and implementing best practice business principles will significantly improve the performance of test and increases the visibility of its contribution in the organisation. This paper provides some tools and techniques for test managers to take steps to develop an entrepreneurial approach.

Non-Functional, or technical, testing can be broken into a number of areas organised by requirements type e.g. performance, usability, security.
Declan Kavanagh, CEO of Sogeti, presents a useful overview of non-functional or technical testing in all its various forms.
The development and deployment of new software solutions to the end business user often stumbles at the final hurdle. When it comes to UAT, having a well structured approach and an appropriate level of business user involvement is critical to any projects successful roll out.
In this paper, Declan Kavanagh and Ken Brennock outline what you can expect from UAT and how to implement it most effectively.
One of the most frequent questions that senior Sogeti staff are asked is 'What is the best structure for software testing to ensure delivery success?' There are many flavours and hybrids to consider.
Declan Kavanagh, CEO at Sogeti, offers his opinions on structures for test organisations.


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