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Top 10 Tips for successful Collaboration & Collaboration Platforms

Top 10 Tips for successful Collaboration & Collaboration Platforms

Collaboration is a human activity which takes place as part of the human systems in an organization. We understand that the culture and behaviors in an origination impact on the level and benefits of collaboration. We also understand that use of social media and collaboration platforms provide individuals and groups with tools to accelerate collaboration.
To release the talent within our organization and its interfaces with the external world enhancing collaboration and changing the way we work is essential. Based on research and experience we outline the top 10 critical success factors (In no order of priority as the maturity of each organization will require different priorities)

1.     Link to Business Goals; It’s important that any collaboration program has a business case connected to the organizations KPI’s. If innovation is goal revenue from new products may be a KPI.

2.     Identify Program KPI’s; there are program KPI’s that measure more directly the impact of collaboration interventions. Collaboration outcomes such as No of new products, reduced cycle times etc. or collaboration process No. of active communities, no of information entries etc.

3.     Understand current collaboration maturity; Allows focus on interventions and program activities to match organizations learning level.

4.     Create an OD change program enabled by IT;  This is a change management exercise with huge potential benefits and we know changing people’s behaviors and the way they work need careful facilitation

5.     Make collaboration a core cultural value;   a central behavior and” way we work” value that is rewarded.

6.     Training & Awareness; Enabling stakeholders to participate in the change and accelerate organization learning requires training and development for individuals and groups both interpersonal & on the tools.

7.     Select Integrated Platform;   in choosing tools to enable collaboration whether they are public domain social media or an organization platform make sure it supports and integrates with the culture as well as the current tool sets.

8.     Dedicated Leadership & Facilitation ;  A critical success factor is that the leaders “walk the talk”, a senior executive is accountable and most importantly there are new roles required to facilitate , mediate and support users in getting the best from the system as well as the normal technology support..

9.     Pilot & Proof of Concept;   Validate the program plan, cultural change goals and the technology. Create early success and implement the priority features.

10.   Publicize and Reward; A Where core outcomes are being realized.

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